Middle School- Jewish Studies

In Middle school our three major goals are: That students will acquire deep knowledge of Jewish History, culture and tradition. Our students will develop appreciation of their heritage and feel committed to continue to study Judaism after they graduated in 8th grade. Our student will see Judaism relevant to them, and to everything that happen to them.

Students are also introduced to the Mishnah. They explore the rabbis of the Mishna, the Talmudic page layout and Mishnayot from many tractates in Zraeem, Moed, Nashim and Nezikin.

In Judaic social studies our sixth grade students go on a journey that starts with Abraham the first Jew and end in the inquisition of Spain. In seventh grade the journey continues with the roots of Antisemetism in the medival times in Europe, Jews during the industrial revolution, The modern times, and the Holocaust. The approach on this course is to learn about the Jewish life, to appreciate it and to find the similarities to our life here in Memphis today. We take the Warsaw Ghetto uprising as the main study of the happenings during World War II. This enable our students to learn about the heroes, the resiliency and the legacies that the leaders left us today. Our Jewish Social studies journey continue in eight grade with the story of Zionizm, the establishment of modern Israel, the geography, and Demographics of Israel and current leaders, places and events in the Promised Land. Our eight graders get to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut in Israel as they visit there for 2 amazing weeks.

Tanach – our middle school students continue to explore parashat hashavua in a much dipper level. They bring up dilemmas and concept in the parasha and explore how commentators explain them.  They also learn Navi and study the books of Joshua, Shoftim, Shmuel, and Melachim. These books covered the conquering of the promised land and settling there, the rise of the kingdom of Israel, the split to Israel and Judea and the fall of each kingdom.

Hebrew in middle school is leveled by pace of talking and ability to converse using rich vocabulary. Our students are exploring places, people and events in Israel and the Jewish world. They read and discuss these topics in Hebrew. Our advanced group will take an online course about Justice in Judaism offered by Bar Ilan University in Israel.

The middle school experience encourages our students to take leadership roles, in Tefillah, Torah reading, morning announcements, delivering a Dvar Torah, presenting research projects about Jewish leaders, doing community service activities and more.

Our students’ curriculum come to life in so many opportunities! They meet the Torah Mitzion Shlichim every Friday to discuss topics such as Jewish Identity, Israel and Zionism. Our students take a part in the Jewish