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Israel Fair 100 Shekels- $7.17 (*INCLUDES CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE)

Israel Fair 150 Shekels- $10.25 (*INCLUDES CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE)

 Washington Trip Payment- $155.25 (*INCLUDES CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE)

Bornblum Camelbak, 22oz- $15.00  

Bornblum Lunch Box (Blue)- $10.00  

Bornblum Lunch Box (Red)- $10.00  

Bornblum Comfort T-shirt Pink- $15.00  

Bornblum Gym Shorts- $15.00  

Bornblum Gym Shirt- $15.00  

Israel Fair 250 Shekels- $15.37 (*INCLUDES CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE)


Student Planner (comes with Bobcat Supply Bag)- $10.00  


Bornblum Comfort T-shirt Dark Blue- $15.00  

Bornblum Comfort T-shirt Light Blue- $15.00  

Bornblum Comfort T-shirt Green- $15.00  

Bornblum Coffee Mug - $5.00  


Bornblum Pencils (one dozen) (comes with Bobcat Supply Bag) - $5.00 



Community Supplies (required K-8) (comes with Bobcat Supply Bag) - $10.00  


Buy a set of 10 beautiful, professionally printed notecards featuring student art, with space for your message inside. (Notecard Flyer)- $10.00  

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