Why is partnering with Bornblum in the education of a Jewish child one of the smartest decisions a parent can make?

Our Impact

  • An outstanding educational foundation in general studies

Bornblum graduates attend the most selective high schools in Memphis and a wide variety of excellent colleges around the nation.  Students enjoy a marked advantage over their peers, often entering high school able to participate in higher level classes.  The acquisition of a second language at Bornblum, namely Hebrew, provides not just a connection to the language of the Jewish people, but brain development that occurs as a result of becoming bilingual at an early age.

  • A Jewish identity built on knowledge and a love of living Jewishly

Bornblum provides students from a wide variety of backgrounds the chance to learn together in an environment of mutual respect.  And although students acquire deep knowledge in areas such as Hebrew, Jewish social studies, Jewish history and Jewish texts, it is the celebration of Jewish life that defines a Bornblum education.  Building these connections, culminating with a powerful two-week seminar in Israel, links each child to Judaism for a lifetime.

  • A character-based education that produces mensches

Educating a child at Bornblum does not shelter them from the outside world.  Instead it prepares them to live fully in it.  At Bornblum, from the moment a student arrives, he or she is inculcated with Jewish values taught by an impressive team of role models.  Learning to be a mensch at Bornblum is not aspirational–it is reality.  Students live and learn under a code of conduct that emphasizes Jewish values and continuously re-eforces the importance, above all, of kindness to your fellow human being.