Lower School – Jewish Studies

Bornblum students receive an outstanding Jewish education from a team of highly talented, inspiring faculty.  At Bornblum, Jewish studies isn’t another subject! It is culture, traditions, knowledge, skills, a way of life and celebration of Jewish heritage.  

Throughout the grades Hebrew is taught using interactive strategies that combine speaking, understanding, reading and writing. The topics are always relevant to the students’ age and environment and the new vocabulary and skills are applicable to the students’ everyday life in order to ensure Hebrew will be an active second language that the students can use. Classes are leveled from second grade and up so every student is in a class where students feel confident to converse in Hebrew in their pace.

From day one at Bornblum our students learn Torah, Holidays, Parashat Shavua, Tefillah and about modern Israel. Our students give thanks for their meal in Birkat Mazon and they learn about acts of kindness, charity and Tikun Olam. Each Jewish Holiday is taught and celebrated at Bornblum. From teaching about the stories, and traditions of each holiday, through making an art piece in our pottery lab for Hidur Mitzvah, our Jewish Calendar is our everyday.

Starting this year our students will work on a special Tefillah curriculum that will combine exploring the meaning of the prayers, making a visual project about the prayers and at the end of the process create a personal siddur.