By Third grade students are taught in skill based, grouping for Hebrew classes. the Vocabulary expands from the immediate surrounding of the students to their city, country, Israel and the world. In grammar we introduce past tense, prepositions, possessive and more. In reading we introduce a reading task from the weekly portion every week, and Hebrew vocabulary from Torah classes, Holiday classes and Tefillah is being added to the leveled Hebrew classes every day.

In Torah our students will delve into the Torah text using Mikraot Gedolot. In Third grade they will explore parashot Chayei Sara, Toldot, VaYetze, VaYishlach, VaYeshev, MiKetz, by fourth grade they will focus on the slavery in Egypt, the ten plagues, and the exodus from Egypt, and by fifth grade our students will focus on the books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Through this journey, students will become familiar with the commentators. They will research their biography, learn the Rashi script, and read their perushim (commentaries) as they study the text. Our students should become independent readers of the biblical text in Hebrew, they will develop love of Torah study, and embrace the Torah as their past and it’s values as their present being, their values, and inspiration.

Tefillot – Third through fifth grade will have shacharit every morning. They will discuss general concepts and ideas in the prayers and they will be introduced to new tunes for the prayers as Shabbat and holidays tunes, fun upbeat tunes, and Spharadi or new Israeli tune.  Our yearly programs will focus on Rosh Chodesh service, Maariv service, and Shabbat service.

The prayers at each program will be followed by special plays about our sages traveling through the ages,  lights in many cultures and in Judaism and the Mask of Purim.

Students will learn Jewish Values and ethics through everything they do. From the mornings announcements that include out Derech Eretz code through field trips, meetings with leaders in our community, projects, and class discussions. Everything experience is an opportunity to embrace Judaism.