Affording Bornblum

You may believe that an outstanding private school education is financially out of reach for your family.  At Bornblum, this is not the case.  Though it costs us the same or more than other private schools to offer the incredible education our students receive, you will pay far less than the cost thanks to the generosity of The Bornblum Foundation and other generous donors.  Thanks to our donors' commitment, the cost to families is under $10,000. Bornblum also offers tuition incentives to any new student entering in 1st-8th Grade as well as any family who simultaneously enrolls more than one student at Bornblum.

In addition to this amazing price, further financial aid is available for families that qualify.  The fact is, we make a Bornblum education affordable and accessible to any Jewish family wanting a Jewish education for their child. If you need additional help providing a Jewish education to your child, you are not alone.  Forty percent of Bornblum students receive financial aid each year.

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