Enrichment and Support

Academic Enrichment

As a dual curriculum school our program is enriched and quite challenging.  In some cases, however, additional enrichment may be appropriate.  Enrichment is at the discretion of the teacher and administration in consultation with the parent(s) of the child.  The following types of enrichment are provided based on the needs of each student and the availability of services. 

Basic Horizontal Enrichment:  Basic horizontal enrichment refers to materials in all content areas available at grade level in the classroom.  Any student, upon successful completion of work may choose these activities, projects or work that broaden their scope of learning. Every student receives enriching activities in the classroom which complement the curriculum. 

Expanded Horizontal Enrichment : Expanded horizontal enrichment involves expanding the curriculum in order to provide more challenging materials for students.  This kind of enrichment is appropriate for a student who is very strong in a particular subject area, consistently making A’s or E’s, but is not a candidate for a higher grade level curriculum. 

Basic Vertical Enrichment:  Basic vertical enrichment involves giving a child material from a higher-level curriculum for a particular unit or units or curriculum that further develops analytical thinking and problem solving skills.  The child must pass a pre-test with 96-100% accuracy in order to qualify for this level of enrichment. 

Subject Area Vertical Enrichment:  Subject area vertical enrichment is put in place when a student learns math, language arts or Hebrew at an advanced grade level based upon standardized test scores of 96th percentile or better. Qualifying students may be placed in a higher-level curriculum in a particular subject area for the entire year.  This takes place in the student’s classroom, the grade that is appropriate for the advanced level performance or one-on-one or a small group setting with another teacher. 


Academic Support

Support is offered to students who are struggling academically and require repetition, sensory-integrated learning experiences, and differentiated pacing according to the recommendations of outside specialists. Bornblum has an outstanding learning specialist who pulls students out of class to provide individualized support or works collaboratively with the classroom teachers to offer guidance to help students experience success in the regular classroom.