CYJL Program

Imagine if you could provide a gift to Bornblum that could be everlasting, one that preserves the memory of a loved one or fulfills a moral obligation. When you make a gift to a permanent endowment fund you are demonstrating your belief in the continuity of Jewish life in Memphis for your children and grandchildren for generations to come.  To create your Jewish legacy, please Contact Bornblum or the Jewish Foundation of Memphis. 

The following community members have generously created legacies for Bornblum.


Samantha and Lon Alperin

Sally and Richard S. Baer

Suzanne and Scott L. Baum

Kara and Paul Bierman

Judith Bookman

Alyson and Alex N. Chensasky

Kimberly Crafton

Tami and Robert M. Eiseman

Abby and Scott Felsenthal

Jill and Greg Graflund

Mimi and Ronald* Grossman

Shirley and Gordon E. Gruen

Michelle Harkavy

Lisa Harris

Mitchell Hodus

Monique and Charles Jalenak

Marla and Jeffrey Kaminsky

Beverly Kay

Molly and Kurt Lane

Debbie and. Ronald J. Lazarov

Betsy and Steve Libby

Cindy and Harry S. Loewenberg

Barbara and Earl Magdovitz

Evelyn and Jerome Makowsky

Rachel and Anthony A. Morrison

Jeri and Mitchell D. Moskovitz

Marilyn and Herb Notowich

Barbara and Marshall E. Ostrow

Cori and Rabbi Brett Oxman

Shirley and Ted Roberts

Jennifer and Joe Roberts

Stacy and Jeremy A. Siegler

Jerry Sklar Family

Jill and Ken Steinberg

Sarah and Naftali Thomas

Gail  and Ronald Traynor

Cathy and Craig Weiss

Daisy White

Michael White