Getting to Know Mrs. Baer

What are the three most important sentences about yourself that you want people to know?

I believe that children are the world’s future and best hope! Developing a thirst for learning leads us to self-satisfaction and pleasure. All human beings have the exact same needs; when these needs are identified and met, we flourish. 

Why are you an educator/administrator?   

I love the feeling of joy when children learn and explore. 

What do you hope every Bornblum student receives during their years in the school?

I hope all Bornblum students develop a passion for knowledge, a sense of Jewish connection, and empathy for others that causes them to work toward tikkun olam – healing the world.

What is your favorite Jewish food? 

My favorite Jewish food is latkes not only because of the taste but the happiness that usually fills the room when just the smell of them frying is in the air!

What is your favorite place in Israel?

The Kotel is my favorite place in Israel and explaining why is beyond any words I have. 

If you were a Jewish ritual object, which one would you be and why?

Shabbat is my time to focus on the people and things that matter the most to me, my time to become centered after a busy week. I’d want to be a kiddush cup to be on the Shabbos table every week representing the sanctity of this beautiful gift Hashem has given us.