Students at Bornblum learn in a first class facility featuring 22 classrooms, a full-size gym, two auditoriums, a library, a computer lab, a science lab, and engaging outdoor spaces like a large playground with a soccer field and an outdoor classroom. Order and cleanliness of Bornblum’s campus encourage school pride and enhance students’ ability to focus on the task at hand–education.

Parent Involvement

Education at Bornblum is like a three-legged stool, where students, teachers and parents are all essential components of the structure.  Parents are involved in their children’s education by giving time and financial resources.  Whether it is helping students to keep up with the vigorous academic pace, volunteering to read in class, or giving to the school’s annual campaign, parents demonstrate that an outstanding Jewish education is a family endeavor.

The Arts

Walk down the halls and you will know that the arts are flourishing at Bornblum. Incredible visual arts are created in our art room and the Hornik Family Pottery and Printing Lab.  The halls and classrooms are alive with music and performance arts.  At Bornblum, the arts give students a deeper understanding of their curriculum and help them to interact with the world around them.

Integrated Learning

Bornblum’s approach to a successful education depends strongly on integration of general and Jewish studies.  Faculty are continually looking for ways to bring the two sides of a Bornblum education together.  For example, a sixth grader might be completing a composition for writing class, but chooses to write about a Jewish topic.  Or a Chanukah pottery project is integrated with engineering as students learn how to add lights and circuits to their art creation.  This type of integrated learning prepares students for later education and the real world, where subjects and experiences do not occur in isolation from one another.

Technology in Action

Technology at Bornblum is everywhere.  With a 1:1 technology to student ratio, students have learning tools at their fingertips throughout the day.  Students in kindergarten through fifth grade each have their own iPad to use during the day.  Middle school students use up-to-date laptops that they take with them when they graduate from Bornblum.

But having technology is just the first step.  At Bornblum, our curriculum drives technology use rather than the other way around.  Technology is one of many important tools teachers use to deliver an outstanding education. Whether using apps on the iPad or becoming fluent in the Microsoft Office suite, students use technology to enhance their education and to open up a world that lives just beyond Bornblum’s walls.