About Us

A co-educational school located in East Memphis, Bornblum Jewish Community School serves students from Kindergarten through grade 8. Bornblum strives to provide all Jewish children a superior education, while inspiring them to achieve their individual potential. Laser focused on this mission, Bornblum creates highly educated citizens and community leaders.

Student Profile

  Total Students: 107

  Lower School Students: 75

  Middle School Students: 32

  Kindergarten Students: 12

  Student Body Composition:                56% Boys  44% Girls

Faculty/Staff Profile

  Number of Faculty: 22

  Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1

  Advanced Degrees: 48%

  Average Years Teaching: 14.7

  Israeli Faculty: 6

Family Affiliation

  Anshei Sephard:  8%

  Baron Hirsch: 16%

  Beth Sholom:  21%

  Chabad:  12%

                 Or Chadash:  1%

                 Temple Israel:  30%

                 Unaffiliated: 12%

Accreditation and Affiliations

Bornblum was re-accredited in 2018 by Cognia, a premier accreditation organization that works with schools of all types and sizes across the globe. Together with its affiliations with Memphis Association of Independent Schools and Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, Bornblum enjoys oversight and resources that help us stay on the cutting edge of general and Jewish studies education.

Leadership Team

Daniel R. Weiss, Head of School

Sally Baer, Assistant Head of School & Director of Student Services

Jill Cross, Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Michal Almalem, Judaic Studies Principal


Rene Fumich, Director of Finance


Scott Ostrow, Director of Development


Abby Felsenthal, Director of Admissions


Jenni Perkins, Director of Marketing & Communications