Rolling Right Along

Rolling Right Along

by Daniel R. Weiss, Head of School

Over the course of the past week, our students have visited organizations throughout the Memphis Jewish Community to help celebrate the holiday of Sukkot. Our students went to the Memphis Jewish Home and Rehab, MJCC Preschool, Temple Israel Preschool, and the Beth Sholom Sukkah. We were visited by Rabbi Cantor David Julian to learn about Hoshana Rabbah, Rabbi Sarit Horwitz to learn about the Four Species and Rabbi Yisroel Wende and the Torah U’Metziyon Kollel who sang holiday songs with our students. Our students shook the four species (Lulav, Hadas, Aravah and Etrog), ate in our Sukkah with their Bornblum Mishpacha, were visited by the Usphipizim (the Biblical guests that we invite into our Sukkah, portrayed by our 8th Graders) and learned what makes Sukkot a special holiday. These experiences will live with our students as highlights of their time at Bornblum.

This past Wednesday morning, our First Grade students joined me in rolling our Illustrated Torah from Vzot Habracha, the last portion in the fifth and final book of the Torah, Devarim, all the way to Breisheet, the first portion in the first book. As the students took turns rolling the Torah, we looked at some of the highlights from what we read this past year in anticipation of reading it again this year.

We focused first on the final letter of the Torah, the letter Lamed found at the end of the word Yisrael (Israel). We talk about how this letter stands taller than the other letters and that the word Lamed, named for the letter, means to learn. We want to grow taller in our learning each day. We then talked about the first letter of the Torah, Beyt, for Breisheet, in the beginning. We talked about how the word Beyt means home. Our school is our home, it is the place where we do our learning and our growing. It is a home full of Ruach, spirit, energy, love, learning, growing, excitement, and commitment. Finally, as we completed our rolling of the Torah, we revisited the letters Lamed and Beyt one more time and learned that when we put these letters together, they spell Lev, heart. Our house if full of heart.

Our Torah is not the only thing rolling on our campus. Sunday is Touch a Truck, co-sponsored by Bornblum, PJ Library and Memphis Jewish Federation. Dozens of construction and service vehicles will be making their way to our campus this Sunday beginning at 11 am. This event is one of the highlights of our school year. Our campus is open to current, former and prospective students and their families as well as members of the Memphis community. Kids of all ages are invited to climb on up and sit in the driver’s seat of some of their favorite trucks and interact with the people who help protect and build our community. We will have STEM activities, snacks for sale, story time at noon and a horn-free hour from 11-

I hope you will join us for this amazing event.

Shabbat Shalom,


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