The Incredible Power of Integrated Learning

The Incredible Power of Integrated Learning

Our first grade recently demonstrated how integrated learning is so powerful at Bornblum.  Their Social Studies unit was about neighborhoods. The word NEIGHBORHOOD was a very hard word to read. To overcome this challenge, Mrs. Rovner integrated Language Arts by teaching reading strategies to identify digraphs, and the students used context clues to read big words like neighborhood.

The study continued as the students integrated Art and drew sketches of their neighborhoods.  Mrs. Rovner then integrated Social Studies and Language Arts by having students write interview questions and interview Mr John Austin and Mrs. Ashlee Austin. Mr. Austin is a builder and showed the students how to measure and space the wood. Mrs. Austin is a designer and showed them the value of blueprints.

Students also integrated Social Skills and Math by creating their own blueprints. They learned about drawing to scale, measuring the perimeter, and reference to size. Mrs. Rovner spoke about perspective. Students drew blueprints from the external, internal and birds eye view. Bringing the lesson home to Bornblum’s focus on wellness, the students talked about perspective with their friends and Mrs. Rovner taught that we sometimes need to look at our challenges with friends from varying perspectives.

Students integrated our Science unit about forms of matter by talking about the parts of the neighborhood that are solid, liquid and gas. They learned about special pipes that are needed to carry water and gas. They did experiments that change liquids to solids and solids to liquids and liquids to gas. Students came to understand that while building a house, the temperature can greatly affect the forms of matter.

Finally, first grade got to integrate Social Studies, Social Skills, Science and Art again by learning about recycling. They used all sorts of recycled materials and worked with partners to create the building that we had imagined in their blueprint!  Circling back around to language arts, students labeled all the parts of their structure and social skills by communicating with each other about their goals and working together to bring their ideas to life.

Finally, Mrs. Rovner reintegrated Math by measuring the perimeter of thier finished structures and finding the perimeter.

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