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Each Friday morning, Bornblum’s Head of School, Daniel R. Weiss, sends out thoughts for the coming Shabbat and the week ahead.  These posts are archived here so you can return to them any time.  After you read a post please do not hesitate to respond with your thoughts and questions.

Daniel R. Weiss
Head of School

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Jill Cross
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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Sally Baer
Assistant Head of School
Director of Student Services

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Michal Almalem
Jewish Studies Principal
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Role of the Board

It is the role of the Board of Directors to set general policies, direct the financial stewardship of the school and to plan for its future. The day-to-day operations of the school, including personnel matters and addressing the individual needs of any student or their parents are the responsibility of the Head of School and the school’s administrative team. The members of the Board of Directors understand and respect the difference in the leadership roles between the Board and the Head of School, all of whom are working together to achieve the same goal: offering a superior education to the children of the Memphis Jewish Community that will inspire them to achieve their individual potential and provide them with the foundation for a life-long connection to their Jewish values and heritage.  The Board’s focus is on strategic and viability-related issues in partnership with the Head of School who is responsible for the implementation of the Board’s plans.

New and Old Board Members Together in the Moss Room


  • Jill Shanker, President
  • Janice Ringel, Vice-President/Treasurer
  • Naomi Katz, Secretary
  • Adam Lazarov, Counsel
  • Marc Sorin, Immediate Past President



  • Abraham Bendayan
  • Amy Egerman
  • Rhonda Feiler
  • Margo Fogelman
  • Jeri Moskovitz
  • Judy Moss
  • Anne Reef
  • Patti Weiss
  • Ken Zakalik


Alumni Handout-1

Bornblum Alumni Excel

Bornblum prepares our students to succeed in the finest high schools and colleges in the nation. Starting our 4th decade preparing Jewish students, we know that our alumni excel in school, in the work place, and as leaders in the Jewish community and beyond.

Alumni Stories

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Alumni Connections

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